Thursday, November 25

Called You

Called You

If my lies could no more be typed

or sent
or texted
or recorded

What if I only called you.

If your fears could no more be avoided
or sluffed
or repressed
or hidden

What if I only called you.

If our war no longer lingered
or overwhelmed
or suffocated
or blamed.

What if I only called you.

LyndiaP November 25, 2010 (PoemADay 25 of 30)


  1. Wow...I like this a lot! The enduring question/statement, 'what if I only called you'
    could be addressed millions of times over the years.

    I like the concept of a poem a day...

    Great job, thanks! (Like the Jelly Beans too...)

  2. I like the layout and theory behind this poem. It accentuates the regrets and anxiety often found in people who play the "what if..." game with themselves. The four choices of words with each sentence adds another layer where you get the feeling the person can't even pick the right words to express themselves. This is an excellent poem and it would easily connect with a large audience.