Monday, November 29



Yanking flowers at pre-cut stems
watching them handed
to The Girl.

valued for their remorse

unsecret mystery waits
on the surface
to bloom
buds of guilt
petals as gifts
artificially scented
artificially explaining
in purified water
bathed to be sacred
welcomed by childish smiles.

Confessions begin.
Nothing can be done
and nothing is broken.

Daises and daffodils
reminding the do-er
soothing the damned
with unequal unison.
Courting heartbreak
to mate
in temples of forgiveness.

LyndiaP November 29, 2010 (PoemADay 29 of 30)

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Your imagery is just incredible. It is evident in other poems as well, but here it is just striking. "Courting heartbreak to mate in temples of forgiveness" that is just pure heaven. This is an amazing poem and its one of my favourites. I can see how the playfulness in some of the earlier poems are coming out right now; your style is developing, its not timid or afraid. You play with emotions and definitions, often showcasing something unexpected. There is so much depth in your lines. Lyndia, this is wonderful.