Saturday, November 6

For You

For You

A person
selfless person
who's real and thoughtful and true.
Tells a person
a me-like person
that they'll help make it through.
Then that person
genuine person

draws a map
holds the lamp
shuts the trap
licks the stamp
shares the glory
co-authors the story...

and then thanks ME
for all my trouble
(which I remark was "zero")
Pour tea, another mug full,
and hand it to my hero.

Sincerely LyndiaP Nov. 6, 2010
(PoemADay #6 of 30)


  1. Love this!

  2. Now this is really cool. I just mentioned to another friend that love is like "two people co-authoring their lives together". And now here you are using that exact same line! Maybe that is a bit of that "magic" that seems to happen around us Lyndia, haha. The simple joys in this poem really resonate with me, and it is truly a lovely piece.

  3. Thanks everyone!! :)

    I feel so grateful for all your comments too!