Friday, December 16

one morning after an evening

Puddles of Black
with stars
A Mid-Street Kiss
behind the wheel

Places for Pouring Out

Monday, May 2

Calling Peace by Other Names

As a non-T.V. watcher who is currently viewing some generic programming to overcome some serious jet lag I have been out of the loop with "breaking news." I have also been significantly removed from the rhetoric of international conflict and anti-terrorism. I've been studying mindfulness, practicing relinquishing control of the fruitless struggle to impose my will on the way my life unfolds. The announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death and how it was communicated to the world.

Clearly calmness of mind and the intention for peace were certainly not what was inspired yesterday evening. It was not the purpose of the Breaking News. The drastic and almost panicked broadcast of Osama Bin Laden's death conjured up both confusion and fear. I thought this was supposed to do the opposite? What about peace? What about feeling secure? I appreciated a more sober and holistic reflection on the news from the blog of the yogis of the Akhanda school at

This perspective helped me to see and to remember what it was exactly, which made me so uneasy and disheartened. It is the same thing that struck me most through the violent goals of the whole "War on Terror" and displayed concretely with death of Bin Laden that were clearly hateful, biased, reactions void of reason and compassion but continually toted as 'justice.' For me these tactics and their results seem to leave a great deal of uncertainty of what justice actually is and what it should feel like when it is realized. Can justice be only for one and not all?

If I ever have the opportunity to enact justice I certainly hope that after the verdict is passed and consequences complete that the news to be broken could be a source of comfort, an example of goodness and equality and for the ultimate goal of realizing peace.

Friday, February 25

From the banks of the Ganges

I am visiting the lovely northern region of India and spent an afternoon on the banks of the Ganges in the Himalayan foothills. It was a very beautiful experience and I found a lovely place for writing a poem.

I Am In Between

the grace of the water
the smile of the clouds
And I am in between.

Himalayan birth canal of green
ocean of sky for its mythic decent
And I am in between.

this River Goddess to millions
this heavenly blue blanket for all
And I am in between.

on a  grey stone seat.

Mantras on the shore
majestic hills lush with trees
carry on long after, born eons before.

My dissolving white sweet
laughs of splashing boys
melting blue candle
all fade like fleeting wave-noise.

And I am in between.

(by LyndiaP February 5, 2011)

Friday, January 7

Lyndia's India

Okay. It's Official.
It only took me a couple days to decide, but I'm starting a secondary blog for the India trip. Today was the "launch" if you will of the India blog. I danced around with name and formatting for awhile and finally got an intro post up for you! Feel free to saunter over to Lyndia's India for a full explanation.

Oh and do share this link with anyone who might be interested in living vicariously through this little experience of mine.

p.s. the actual url for Lyndia's India is I didn't do the "s" because I think it looks funny...

Wednesday, January 5

introduction to JOALT

JOALT - I could back-ronym that for you but it's actually a bit of a jolt in a way so I will call it that for short. The Journey of A LifeTime (or JOALT) is my next phase. It's a 3 month trip to India and is so highly anticipated by me that I can't even describe it. The simultaneous thrilling delight and mild-terror of the unknown is quite amazing. No matter what way I slice it... this is very blog-worthy! In the last few weeks with holidays and "real life" and travel plans but I got so excited and involved in the preparations I've not thought about it much further.

A dear friend of mine, just recently, reminded me of this blog component. She made the most convincing argument in only seven words. In response to her almost-rhetorical question she said "you should call it Lyndia In India." Oh Man!! Did I ever dig that idea! But I'm not so sure if a solo blog for that would negate my ability to post anything here (given time constraints etc.)

So I will consider a little while longer. But the more I contemplate that stellar title the more I can't resist! Perhaps the wonder-bits & poems can also be copied to Tourist Candy too...

I'm open to feedback though!

Tuesday, January 4

Past Pictures for Poems

As I prepare for my journey of a lifetime I am not only preparing for the future but looking back into the past. Right now I happened to be at all the pictures I've taken while on trips, travel and vacation (all of which I consider slightly different). I realized most I haven't really done anything with or even shown to anyone! This shocked me and made me wonder. So, since I wondered... I thought it could be a blog post since that is just what this blog project is supposed to be about.

My wonder quickly led me to picking a few pictures to poem-ize and try to capture the image in less than the stereotypical number of words it's worth (1000 right?) but then also to let both try to take that past place with me in the future. Here goes...

White. Flower. Sky

White. Flower. Sky
Remember if you made me cry?
Didn't. Should have.
Astounded I.

Wanderlust led down evening's alleys
Dreamlike scenes drown in white wash galleries
Arrival night
then blooms light.
Surprises hourly
charmed and flowery.

Never locked-in
as tears unshed
but free through
infinity blue
that sky over-head.

poem and picture by LyndiaP January 4, 2011 and October 2010 respectively

Today watches the Future

Amidst all the excitement and celebration of the new year and all the change I hope it brings I h e begun to feel more of the uncertainty and instability that is not only inherent but also somewhat unnerving.

I am not in control here. So that's what it feels like! And the one thing I've learned already? If others are feeling bombarded, blind-sided or blown away too it's best to acknowledge what of those feelings are, in fact, theirs and not yours. I'm working on that one...

Bombarded Blind-Sided Blown Away

Thin strips of Future
dangling fading
in and out of view.
Here I sit
stunned and gazing
as the Past
stares right through
and I do too.
No names for all the waving slivers
clear or fog
I reach for few

watching o'er weakness,
unclear distinctions floating past
witness to waking
subtle quaking
for blurry recognition of the strips I've cast.

My Future bands now sewn up tight
I pass through motionless
soft sheer of time
blown away
by that, as named, Today

dressed in foreshadows
reflecting on light.

Poem by LyndiaP January 3, 2011

Saturday, January 1

Bring on the New Year!

I'm excited for this one. I think I've said it before - 2011 is going to be a good year. I actually went so far as to say I feel I will be winning a gold medal* in the category of life with this coming year. Yes, I am that sure.

So last night's great celebration was not just for the upcoming year but also of all the things that have laid the foundation for it to happen.

to 2011 and Beyond!

Thank you friends. Thank you pit-falls.
Thank you comforts. Thank you fears.

Goooooo 2011!

oh and special thank you to Jingle for the comments, support and even snazzy E-awards! (which, I must say I am not quite sure how to navigate...)

*note: the category of life is not a competition between people and so there is really no way to award a limited number of medals. You are the only competitor and the judge and the jury. Feel free to aim for the podium this year too.

Photo by LyndiaP December 31, 2010