Wednesday, January 5

introduction to JOALT

JOALT - I could back-ronym that for you but it's actually a bit of a jolt in a way so I will call it that for short. The Journey of A LifeTime (or JOALT) is my next phase. It's a 3 month trip to India and is so highly anticipated by me that I can't even describe it. The simultaneous thrilling delight and mild-terror of the unknown is quite amazing. No matter what way I slice it... this is very blog-worthy! In the last few weeks with holidays and "real life" and travel plans but I got so excited and involved in the preparations I've not thought about it much further.

A dear friend of mine, just recently, reminded me of this blog component. She made the most convincing argument in only seven words. In response to her almost-rhetorical question she said "you should call it Lyndia In India." Oh Man!! Did I ever dig that idea! But I'm not so sure if a solo blog for that would negate my ability to post anything here (given time constraints etc.)

So I will consider a little while longer. But the more I contemplate that stellar title the more I can't resist! Perhaps the wonder-bits & poems can also be copied to Tourist Candy too...

I'm open to feedback though!

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