Tuesday, January 4

Today watches the Future

Amidst all the excitement and celebration of the new year and all the change I hope it brings I h e begun to feel more of the uncertainty and instability that is not only inherent but also somewhat unnerving.

I am not in control here. So that's what it feels like! And the one thing I've learned already? If others are feeling bombarded, blind-sided or blown away too it's best to acknowledge what of those feelings are, in fact, theirs and not yours. I'm working on that one...

Bombarded Blind-Sided Blown Away

Thin strips of Future
dangling fading
in and out of view.
Here I sit
stunned and gazing
as the Past
stares right through
and I do too.
No names for all the waving slivers
clear or fog
I reach for few

watching o'er weakness,
unclear distinctions floating past
witness to waking
subtle quaking
for blurry recognition of the strips I've cast.

My Future bands now sewn up tight
I pass through motionless
soft sheer of time
blown away
by that, as named, Today

dressed in foreshadows
reflecting on light.

Poem by LyndiaP January 3, 2011

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