Tuesday, January 4

Past Pictures for Poems

As I prepare for my journey of a lifetime I am not only preparing for the future but looking back into the past. Right now I happened to be at all the pictures I've taken while on trips, travel and vacation (all of which I consider slightly different). I realized most I haven't really done anything with or even shown to anyone! This shocked me and made me wonder. So, since I wondered... I thought it could be a blog post since that is just what this blog project is supposed to be about.

My wonder quickly led me to picking a few pictures to poem-ize and try to capture the image in less than the stereotypical number of words it's worth (1000 right?) but then also to let both try to take that past place with me in the future. Here goes...

White. Flower. Sky

White. Flower. Sky
Remember if you made me cry?
Didn't. Should have.
Astounded I.

Wanderlust led down evening's alleys
Dreamlike scenes drown in white wash galleries
Arrival night
then blooms light.
Surprises hourly
charmed and flowery.

Never locked-in
as tears unshed
but free through
infinity blue
that sky over-head.

poem and picture by LyndiaP January 4, 2011 and October 2010 respectively

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  1. oooh, really interesting concept, I like it a lot.

    And your writing is lovely, as always.