Friday, November 12

Atlas Afternoon

inspired by the title of a song from a kid's movie and a brand-new reference book that inspired more excitement than I expected... probably what I should have expected from a day off though.

Atlas Afternoon

nothing portable about the World
spinning on its axis.
nothing portable about this volume
12th edition atlas.
Lap's devoured - maps by the pound
legends scoured - obscure cities found
on this atlas afternoon.

LyndiaP November 12, 2010 (PoemADay Challenge 12 of 30)


  1. This poem is short and doesn't really have too much depth. I just like how in your days off you watch kid's movies and buy books, especially reference books. You are truly wonderful Lyndia.

  2. Sometimes just Being with beautiful or inspiring objects can be depth enough on a day off from work and all related depth of thought!

    Sadly though the atlas wasn't mine... :( maybe one day!