Friday, November 26

Apology Day

Apology Holiday

reading my notebook
of days one to three-twelve.
Stainless steel arguments
in one column
Tarnished by the silence of
your point of view.

This record was partial
with fault all my own
for seeing the narrow
solo-track of goodbye
from only one side.
On Holidays,
track glistens
becomes double wide.
Rusty familiar distances
to fill rooms with our
empty stares
fills upstairs
pollution waiting to drift down.

So save what we mean,
the mean that we say,
to sit in apology
our curse and our gift.
Blemished smoggy
record drifting
beneath our noses
Floating weight
old words erased
beyond dull memories

Lifting rust-stains
of hurt feelings
putting a twisted tale

And clear air
we can walk in
not work on,
this Apology Holiday.

LyndiaP November 26, 2010 (PoemADay 26 of 30)

1 comment:

  1. This is a great free-verse poem. From the title I was actually expecting something totally different (like an angry rant where you don't need to apologize for a day, and can just be), but it was surprisingly serene and reflective. I liked it a lot. It had the feel of the dénouement moment within an indie film; where you can see the nuanced flaws of our human condition but its okay - because everyone is like that. "Goodbye from only one side" is a powerful line.