Saturday, November 13

Greenhouse Graveyard

(another dream inspired poem)

Greenhouse Graveyard

sell your flowers full of soul
personality of the petunias
desires of the dahlias
carved your bed into the hillside
carved your bed into the soil.

Stroll through rows of ravishing repetition
each one (for) you
looking like you, waiting for you
picking up dirt and making seeds grow
turn your lofting dreams into roots
turn your lightest laugh into gravity

Soil waits and soil weights grow
along a path leading nowhere
This is home.
This place that cradles unseen and light
with stillness and depth
Truth place - hybrid of sight
taking life making it darkness
(before deepest morning)
taking darkness incubating life
(from deepest mourning)
waiting for full-bloom

LyndiaP November 13, 2010
(PoemADay 13 of 30)


  1. I like the homophones. I like the phrase "ravishing repetition". I like the circle of life theme. The last half of the poem, especially what's written after the line "This is home" is very interesting if you analyzed it from a psychological perspective. Perhaps you are just talking in metaphors, but there seems to be a search of serenity in your words.

  2. serenity, yes.

    and hoping that serenity does not only lie in the graveyard but rather also in the life from seed to root to bloom...