Wednesday, November 3

G'morning Poems

When you know you won't have time at a reasonable must use any and all unreasonable time. Thus, a 'Good morning poem' for today. Sometimes these get a bit stream-of-conscious-y...

Finally Waking

Branches of nighttime
stretched over eyes
stooping and swaying
with archetypal force
imaginary will
the pressure of the dream-end
dimming into dawns new shadows

Bent only on release
the fragrant mask of sleep.
And beneath it
something extraordinarily plain
exquisitely waiting
in both comforting surrender of night
and the cool sweet brush of sun rays.

While copper coins overturn Nations
intent on building things that can never be
The Hero Something waits.
Still waits.
This cacophony of endless steel,
chaos expansion,
is no place for Heroes.

First someone must polish the coin
not with poison
not to see her reflection
but only to birth a surface which
shines light.

Only then from between the
diminishing coin pile
out of control growth of Nothing
into Nothing
That little space between
is the opening for Something.
for the Hero to build
Our minuscule shrine,
out of pollution and mis-intentions,
will construct the first of many places
we've always dreamed of
Right Here.

LyndiaP Nov.3, 2010


  1. Loved reading your g'morning poem first thing this morning, Love the metaphor of the whole, and the second stanza is especially sweet.

    You'll love this - the "word verification" that came up for posting my comment was "power" - how cool is that!

  2. Haha! That is fantastic - word verification of "power" is quite fitting!

    Thanks for your comment too. Sometimes it's fun to write in the morning because it's a treasure hunt and you don't know what you'll find. It is pretty neat to me that the product of my morning ritual made it into someone else's morning!

  3. I empathize deeply with this poem's dichotomy between the self and the larger world. The change, the "awakening" seems to be happening on two simultaneous scales: the inner and the outer. I feel like I've been going through some form of this for the past 10 years. That search for Identity will be a defining feature of our generation. Moreover, I like the phrase "copper coins" and the usefulness of that imagery. And I always like the optimism found in lines like "that little space between is the opening for something."

  4. Thanks again Alex! I love reading your comments!!

    I have, since edited this slightly on paper (but not changing the meaning much) but I might have to post the updated version. I feel it does the transition between self and larger world more justice.