Sunday, November 28

Your Basket

in response to a poem called 'Basket' I read by the wonderful Leonard Cohen. From his recent collection of poems "The Book of Longing" published in 2006.

Your Basket

I took you
back and forth
carrying your basket
until you told me
a divine voice
announced it was full.

Full of leaves
Full of secrets
Full of black things
and dry water

I carried the basket
so you could sign autographs
on stollen content
basket of poem fodder
words of others -
to make you famous
and me wait.

In outstretched darkness
(my arms are tired)
praise basking in sunlight
(you lay your head in the muse's lap)

LyndiaP November 28, 2010 (PoemADay 28 of 30)
Also shared for Poetry Potluck


  1. awesome, simply amazing imagery..

    I like the word flow a lot.
    Thanks for sharing with potluck.

  2. Ah, it would be so nice to lay my head confidently in the muse's lap. But she can be a fickle woman; sometimes I find her warm hand calmly guiding my pen and others I hear her distant laugh as my inspiration evaporates.
    Great imagery.

  3. Its beautiful... I enjoyed it so much...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  4. it feels great and i do it all the time haha!

  5. Well written, it had me rereading it several times to get the meaning straight. A good read!

  6. Well done, love the imagery here.

  7. I think Leonard would be pleased with this, eh!

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  9. Thanks all - I appreciate the reading & the feedback!

    & @Jingle thanks for the chance to share with a great online forum!
    @Fyodor - I too think being nestled in the lap of the muse would be great, but perhaps being top close for too long might cheapen the inspiration when it does happen?
    @Abthomas - very kind of you to say so! I hope it wouldn't be disapproved of! And thanks for the "eh!" you just don't see enough of those these days :)

  10. I like the perspective this poem is written in. It flips the world upside-down and looks at things from the silent ones in the background. It is a very palpable poem as well.

  11. Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy

    Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution!
    Happy Friday!
    See you next time!