Tuesday, November 23

winter home

With so much talk about weather I wonder if it's human nature to be captivated with it and constantly communicate about it. So a weather-related poem:

Winter Home

shielding all but the eyeballs
feet sink into the floor.
White cold slithers up far
past the measured drifts before.

With teasing all because
weather's all that's on my mind
tell the warmth-protected skeptics
they're welcome to rewind

a silent blizzard unaffecting
those with cars that sleep indoors
but trek past all those without roofs
- windchill cuts deep, heart implores.

LyndiaP November 23, 2010 (PoemADay 23 of 30)


  1. Very clever and well done! Love the imagery.

  2. Ha such great wording to convey the reality of life with snow!!!
    Happy digging

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    moon smiles

  3. Thanks Moondust & Tolbert!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was inspired by our first day this winter of minus 30 degrees Celcius. I do hope the rhythm came across easily too.
    ...but now back to trudging through snow!

  4. Love the imagery... and the message hidden deep within ones thoughts. Well done.

  5. great imagery...and a great write...the message in the last stanza was great...thanks for sharing pete

  6. Ahhh !!! Hearts implore.. last line was vivid and powerful... Good one shot... Thanks for sharing...

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  7. This is a lovely poem, very descriptive and fits a tidy rhyming pattern; but in my head it may be a little too forced and formulaic. It is kind of bound by its style and perhaps it could be more powerful if it was freed to explore its weather-related theme, like a chaotic blizzard. Or maybe that was intended, to convey the "bundled up in layers of winter clothes" feeling that is necessary these days.