Thursday, November 11


overkilling the sweet tooth

bulk bags - jellybeans, rosebuds
induces pancreatic shudders
this is my weakness
this is in my blood
even at breakfast and midnight
replacing sanity for sweets

soft chewy licorice in red
wads of wrappers - naked toffee
eager fingers stained chocolate
expert lips and impatient teeth turned blue
tasting tempting teasing tones.

stalling after sacks of sucrose
undone belts, diets, dental work
glazed eyes reflect doughnut crumbs
aching temples, tired jaw
replete stomach gurgles defeat

ravaged tastebuds already numb
unwilling insulin - overworked or on strike
stale flavours weighing down
hunger for confection subdued sugar stupor

LyndiaP November 11, 2010 (PoemADay 11 of 30)


  1. Thank you! I looked up "Acrostic" and now know a new word! haha. But seriously, I really like this piece. It is littered with adjectives and adverbs, which make your emotions very realistic. By just reading your words I can understand what you are going through; and I believe many others would as well. We are an obese sugar-addicted, yet fad-diet gobbling society, so I think many many others would empathize with this poem. You could probably even submit it to a food/women's health/fitness magazine and get a nibble of feedback.

  2. Ha! yes! Maybe I will submit it to a women's health magazine! haha - the nibble of feedback would be very interesting I bet :)