Monday, November 8

Poetic Denial

Future Heart

Future Heart
what are the consequences
of my protesting?

My lips are moved in rally cries
by your regulating pulse.
My defiant speech is your echo
rhythm forever pounding.

In my blood-nourished mind
thoughts are fed
actions bred
all controlled by Future Heart.
As clairvoyant circulation
marches from your gates.

Thus my rebellion against you
Heart of Vitality
Heart of Peace,
with ignorant silence,
kills me and cuts me off
one neglected heartbeat
at a time.

LyndiaP November 8, 2010
(PoemADay 8 of 30)

1 comment:

  1. I like the intimacy of this piece: hearts, blood, pulses, pounding - it is very visceral. It is also a very creative technique; protesting against your future self -- very often people focus on the past to unhealthy results, so by looking forward it is actually very positive. And finally, that very last line "kills me and cuts me off/ one neglected heartbeat/ at a time" is just superb.