Tuesday, November 16

16 Take 2

I did PoemADay 16... then it electronically disappeared. It was one of those magic tricks you are totally fooled by and desperately want to learn the slight of hand behind it. I digress... perhaps fate has put this computer debachule in my day for a reason - forced me to go for "take 2"

Here it is -


Collage my heart with cellophane
be transparent to the world.
Collage my heart with tissue paper
it can soak up tears oft pearled.
Collage my heart in black and white
so every colour is content.
Collage my heart with dawn and night
opposites to represent.

Collage, the art I do alone
collage to show I'll share it.
Collage the lips that speak your voice
Collage the face that wears it.

LyndiaP November 16, 2010 (PoemADay 16.5 of 30)


  1. No collage good enough to say how beautifully you have written this :)

  2. Why thank you Me_Duress, very kind of you to say so!

  3. This is a beautiful poem. The balance, the cadence, the emotion, the tenderness - it's perfect.