Friday, November 5

Bunny Bizzare

sometimes there's a poem you just can't explain but it gets in your way like a tornado: keeps you still and anxious and cemented to the spot...until you let it pass and for this "Bunny Bizarre" the passing was only via the changing winds of the blog-post-process. So prepare yourself for something rather different...

Bunny Bizarre

the bunny in my mind
is made of black and white
with florescent light
Florescent like my boots.

the bunny in my mind
is made of black and white
it's radioactive
radioactive in spite.
Radioactive like the News.

LyndiaP Nov.5, 2010

1 comment:

  1. You really have a wonderful command of imagery. The phrase "the bunny in my mind" conveys such depth, and the cadence of the poem is almost like a rap song. It is aggressive and possessive, so if you kept pushing this train of thought and expanding it to have some additional layers,
    I could see it becoming a performance piece.