Friday, December 17

Life 101 (2010)

The #reverb10 prompt today gets right to the heart of "Life 101" for the 2010 term. Lesson learned: What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

Simple! (not easy, just straightforward) One thing I learned was to trust and respect my instincts.
Sounds "touchy-feely"? It probably is but no less important. This past year has definitely had a significant spiritual/philosophical theme. Trusting my instincts sure was an essential component in articulating my life passions, advocating for issues I know are critical, being creative and understanding complex feeling-processes like grief. Lots of those issues are a bit heavy for us folks in this culture of hyper-individualization. Following my instincts was actually empowering, pretty freeing and definitely made this year possible.

My plan for this lesson? Keep it close to my chest but close to the surface as I embark into the wonderful world of overseas travel, post-graduate studies and in my continued spiritual/philosophical journey. Simple? Not likely... but will probably simplify things in the long run. Maybe it'll even open up other lessons about love, understanding and truth (see? philosophical/spiritual trend again...)

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