Friday, December 10

Earth to Eaarth

Today's In Response comes from a quote in my calendar from Bill McKibben (who I had to look up online to learn more about and he has a great concept about renaming the planet from Earth to Eaarth because the place we have created/devastated is not the kind of place we'd want to call home.) The actual thought-provoking comment I read today though is:

"What sets wilderness apart in the modern day is not that it's dangerous (it's almost certainly safer than any town or road) or that it's solitary (you can, as they say, be alone in a crowded room) or full of exotic animals (there are more of them at the zoo). It's the fact that five miles out in the woods you can't buy anything."

In Response

Wild like a Tiger

Wild like a Tiger
in a safety vest
directing a traffic jam of
blind race car drivers
fighting seizures
of road rage.

Rural outcasts
read the urban rule books
written in the language of lies.
Between the lines
exposes ingredients for Home
far from shopping malls
or credit, cash and debit
poetic directions to get there
hidden by too many flashy adverts
selling too much harmless fear
to let us take a breath
let alone a first step.

poetry and photograph by LyndiaP December 9, 2010

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