Wednesday, December 22

to Travel or not to Travel... Prompt:  Travel. 
How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

 Ah travel... something I am quite fond of and generally "a regular" so to speak. With 2009 having been the year of the airplane I made sure 2010 was a bit more environmentally friendly. I did a lot more bus travel, a great train trip and on the more-fossil-fuel side of things - some driving. I stayed in my own region of Canada (except for the one flight across the continent) and even explored my own province a bit with a "writing road trip" where I made a 2 hour trip into a 7.5 hour exercise in curiosity.

For 2011, I feel the return of the jet plane. I should probably buy some carbon credits or something since it's not the most direct of journeys... but I will be off to India for a good chunk of winter from February to mid-April (so January's blog is likely to have a lot of travel preparations!) and then a pit stop in Germany for 10 days. For many people that might be enough travel for awhile... but no, I hope to get at least three more trips in! Another big one: Ireland. And via Ireland Scotland, England/Wales, and if I can hack it - some year-end holiday in Portugal or Spain.... but that one's still in the "dreaming" phase.

I'm all vaccinated up and await my first visa of 2011 - away I go!!!

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