Friday, December 17

Aaand action! (December 13)

One more #reverb10 prompt today (I said I'd catch up!!) This one is from the 13th.
"When it comes to aspirations, it's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?"

Just one?? How about five?
Well, I've had the idea of getting a Masters degree since I was 12 years old so having put in all my applications to my top three program choices this month feels like a solid step!

Steps two through four? Finally heading on my journey of a lifetime. Another "since I was very young" dream. When I realized my name, Lyndia, rhymed with India I was interested. After some travel experience, undergrad courses and personal research... sub-continent here I come! I've got the ticket and the visa and the vaccinations so I feel that was no less than three steps.
Step 5? Quit my "good job in a bad economy" to make sure I could get all I could of it so THREE MONTHS in India... here I come.

Is that enough? In the next three days I'll be officially dumping my beloved... downtown apartment. Journey of a lifetime...aaaaand Action!

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