Thursday, December 16

Reverb Prompts 2010

I am SO excited about this! A sweet site called Reverb  is hosting this online creative challenge to reflect on the past year and manifest the next. I love the idea of people engaging in this kind of thing so am pumped to have found out about it... even though I'm starting on Day 16. Oh well- maybe I'll have to do two a day...

So if you'd like to join in - - it'll be wonderous!

(p.s. this may will very well slow down the In Response creative challenge... I'll manifest that for a month of next year.)

1 comment:

  1. have fun!

    I wonder if you are interested in poets rally,
    Link in a random poem, visit and comment…
    Poets return favors and follow the rules, thus, hope that you won’t miss your opportunity to make new poetry friends…

    Happy Friday!
    Stay Blessed!