Tuesday, December 7

Human Doings

Here's the first quote for my In Response project. It comes from the book called "Chasing Rumi" by Roger Housden, 2002.

"People often take what they do to be the measure of who they are. If they are not doing something...they lose touch with the feeling of existence...as if the gap in action signified a gap in themselves."
Blue Wings. Constant Motion.
 In Response

This Programmed Life

This programmed life
Alarms, reminders, lists make me whole.

I know I'm busy. I know I'm fine.
When I know I'm busy, I know I'm fine.

The threat is Nothing.
Schedules can't afford to slip
the threat is near.
Endless power of Nothing
that looks in a mirror
sees itself
reflects me.

my fear is the familiarity
of the stagnant
with Nothing
is nothing.

I push from this lull
to something
too many somethings
until Nothing can't hold
even as a memory
not me.

More tasks and work
ideas, things, words
to keep myself full
with Nothing
never a possibility
So I am always something
powerless with somethings.

Surface glances at mirrors
hiding Nothing behind them.
My reflection fleeting
my image always doing
I can relate to.
Always relate to.

Until the somethings
all reflect
No place
for fear
or Nothing or
Doing. Doing
until I am free.

No room for Nothing
No room for Me.

photography and poem by LyndiaP December 7, 2010
(submitted to Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck - Week 13)


  1. very elegant writing.
    love the flow.
    and your words speak and spread a beautiful message.

    Thanks for sharing it with potluck!


  2. I have red somewhere that we are supposed to be human beings, and not human doings. Thanks for this. Very thought provoking. - bill

  3. We are so much more than what we do... but what we do seems to take up so much of who we really are.

    Loved this poem.

  4. and thats how society travels.. nice write! mine's here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/head/