Friday, December 17

11 Things to Lose (for December 11)

Again, me catching up for #reverb10...
December 11 was another great prompt I can't pass up: What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1) Regret.
Eliminate by - doing anything I think I could 'regret' later & let it pass when it comes up instead of getting sucked in by it.
Improves life because - I will be doing things that make me happy and can be free to learn by the past instead of being obsessed with something 'wrong' about it.

2) too many shoes & coats.
Eliminate by - not buying any new and getting rid of some of both.
Improves life because - saves money, reduces baggage and limits decision-making.

3) saying "I'm busy" when asked 'how are you?'.
Eliminate by - finding and using new responses.
Improves life because - stop obsessing with doing more than I can, create opportunities to talk/listen about life instead of 'to-do lists'

4) Gin.
Eliminate by - pouring out the single bottle in my cupboard (likely just giving it away) and refusing to order it anywhere.
Improves life because - it is the only alcohol that makes me feel like I have less than 24 hours to live but I still drink it on occasions of mind-boggling incongruity to this established fact.

5) fast food Chinese or French Fries
Eliminate by - saying no to buying or eating either.
Improves life because - both, like #4, are known to make me physically ill or uncomfortable in exchange for the short moments of 'delicious-ness pleasure.'

6) Others' definitions of Success.
Eliminate by - realize my own definition, stick to it & work toward it.
Improves life because - less self judgement and (see #8)

7) Soda/Pop.
Eliminate by - not considering it a treat or having on special occassions
Improves life because - it would stop the headaches and stale sugar taste I hate and I often get afterwards. It would also be healthier.

8) Over Analysis.
Eliminate by - follow my gut instincts and let my mind settle and be quiet more often.
Improves life because - reduces stress, headaches and validate my intuition which is empowering.

9) Expensive Cosmetics.
Eliminate by - not using costly/designer makeup, lotions or soaps
Improves life because - more budget friendly, less chemicals, increase acceptance of self as is.

10) Forgetfullness of Dreams.
Eliminate by - keeping a log of dreams remembered and for making time and a mental focus to write them down.
Improves life because - source for creating and insight (two things I value).

11) Crash Diets.
Eliminate by - normally eating healthy and not being overindulgent (but when/if it happens not to regret (see #1).
Improves life because - healthier, less self judgement, more energy and a better attitude.

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