Sunday, December 26

Seconds Anyone?

The Reverb10 prompt after three of five days of eating? Appropriately, soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?
I love eating so consider almost everything unforgettable. However, given the large quantity of eating, much is likely forgotten. There are two different occasions that come to mind when the food was particularly soulful: 1) I undertook 3 months of vegetarianism (for a variety of well-informed reasons) and experimented with a variety of recipes on the spectrum of tastiness and success. One, however was particularly unimpressive: a vegetable soup with over cooked quiona and eggplant. I could hardly finish a serving let alone the 8-10 servings I had prepared. So I froze it hoping it would get better with age and frigidness. I was wrong.
One day, months later I had nothing left in the fridge and felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I found some glorious leftovers in the freezer. It was the barely edible soup. But I persevered, adding both spices and cheeses and some extra cooking I came out with a really satisfying and comforting creamy soup that was relatively healthy and actually missed it when it was gone.

2) I learned, from my grandmother, to cook verenecka (some traditional perogy-like pockets filled with cottage cheese or fruit). Our giant batch (possibly a triple or quadruple recipe) took at least two hours to prepare. Then we ate them pot-luck style with some family who had just crafted some delicious deep fried homemade doughnuts!

From one side of the spectrum to the other and everything in between!
Thanks again

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