Sunday, October 17


Self-proclaiming from the mountains: "I am a Mundane-a-holic!" and so are many others... but only when we get to let our imagination and sense of wonder venture ahead to make all necessary translations.

My top-nine celebrations of the mundane include (in no particular order)

- small-town obsessions with having a sculpture of the "world's largest" something or other (examples in the province of Alberta check this out, but a personal favourite of mine is the Dragonfly in Wabamun)

- people who are excited and creative in their 'should-be-benign' business emails

- an Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Island Maine, USA

- optimism in current events (YES! and Ode Magazines)

- chicken noodle soup made from powdered chicken stock & any recipe you know by heart or would never tire of eating

- the Pop Art movement

- good ideas (such as most of TED)

-things I learnt from the book "The Art of Pilgramage" by Phil Cousineau (his wikipedia entry) which made me realized ALL of life is just travel

- and Sharing!! We should really all do more of it (i.e. Shareable Magazine)

Sometimes I forget these are a few of my favourite... well... things - that inspired me to focus on being a life-tourist.

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