Wednesday, October 13

Words + Worlds = Wor(l)ds

Again more reading excitement, thrills and chills (minus the chills and maybe even the thrills, but I have always wanted to make reference to the "thrills and chills" of something).

I am excited to share more of my favourite books on Flashlight Worthy! If you're looking for something to celebrate Persons Day on October 18** (another Canadian Holiday, but this time observed not statutory) that celebrates Alberta's Famous Five (women who brought about significant legal change for the rights of women in Canada including making the case for women's suffrage).. try this list of great books by women authors who help take the stressful moving, reserving and planning out of travel!

Anyone else with favourite books they want to share? I always love a good suggestion and I love a great suggestion even more!

**on another note... should you be in Alberta on October 18th it's also the day to vote in municipal elections. Check out your town or city for candidates and polling stations. If I have to pull out my soapbox it's gonna be to get people to do their democratic duty - be an informed citizen! (and then read some great books)

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