Tuesday, October 19

Watercolour Cows

Dairy or childhood paint, I didn't know which to choose to help me celebrate my evening's home-based adventure via blog.

I won't digress to my planned attempt (and true, initial intent) of this Tuesday- trying to understand personal ritual, but I had to note it for future reference.

So I found myself distracted from my endeavour with normal pre-dinner hunger, all-too-frequent extended work-hour workings and some cheap watercolour paints. I always used to scoff at this style of painting because I never really grasped the technique.
A few years ago I took my first (and only) watercolour class with my dad and a few hours ago I realized just how much I enjoyed it. After over two hours sitting BESIDE my desk on the floor my right leg had gone numb. I had been swirling the colour-mutating water and pulling paint over the paper and observing the colours tease each other blending and mingling... I realized that I really wanted to keep this marathon of making moving!

But then comes the dairy-revelation: my love of milk steamers! I did a quick non-painting stretch and pulled out the three simple ingredients: milk, vanilla and the-best-mug-ever. (*optional: fancy battery operated milk frothing contraption) It is always a mix of anticipation and impatience as the microwave ticks back from two minutes: the spoon and the frother sit ready and the vanilla waits anxiously.
It whirrs and I wait. It perspires as I pace. Then the beep of bliss and blossoming of the froth. Taking the first sip is a bit like vanilla cloud heaven.

So it seems that the distractions of one night turned into an experiential session in my original intent - thanks to Cows & Watercolours - where instead of thinking about personal rituals I patterned and painted, smelled and sipped them.

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