Friday, September 17

Wonderful Worlds: Lost

In all the words in the world I ended up with these, for but there are SO many other obvious combinations and mutations that one could never hope to write even the majority of them in one's own primary language. However, there are times when you read someone else's work of words and can't help thinking (or screaming...depending on the length and specificity of the similarity) "damn, I wish I had written that!"

I find the token genre where that happens most to me is travel writing... and comedy about banality, but the latter I'll save for another time. All of my favourite books are favourites absolutely because they connected with me in that perfectly right way. Many were the kind of things I'd always wanted to write about and now admittedly probably won't.

I felt the closest I could get to actually writing them would to be to write ABOUT them and get others to experience their wonderful wordy glory. So thanks to Flashlight Worthy books I've got my first list with many "oh damn, that was a good idea" titles. Enjoy!

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