Thursday, September 16

This Is the Shoulder Season

Unsure if I can withstand the barrage of meaningless marketing jargon that just collided with my ears and wrote lines of tension in between my eyes and through my jaw - I decided to make it beautiful.

The hive of buzzing euphemism almost got me down, but then by connecting to the groundedness of my carpeted hallway I "found poem" my newfound lexicon
(so to quote the infamous Run DCM- and it goes a little something like this):

'Grounded in the Shoulder Season'

[previously unmoved]
mobilizing land
aspiring revitalization
[in the] shoulder season cafe
[yours/mine] our winter gardens
[without winter, I'm afraid]
astounding groundlevel [as environment's replaced]
public/private [?]
mobilizing land
[or it might make something of itself]

... if the challenge is to find beauty in ugliness that was attempt nĂºmero uno.

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