Monday, September 20

Rushing to 'Stroll'

That was it. (In a fullness of satisfactory completion way, not a questioningly skeptical tone.) I lived through a double oxymoron.

Short of breaking out into a sprint I ran to Stroll. My first edition of The Stroll of Poets and I'm late enough to make me anxious but not cry (trust me it's happened) so I have a pleasant way if dealing with this that seems to work perfectly: politely announce to whomever you're with, where ever you are "I'm sorry but I'm going to run now."

It makes everything seem natural and normal to you the runner but more than likely leaves the walkers in a small state of confusion. Often I believe the walker assumed you made the metaphoric comment "I've got to run" (but you clearly did nothing of the sort) and are surprised when you actually break into a run and leave them to their own sauntering devices.

So I did just that. And it worked until the point I realized I was going to have to wait for the train and by then the walkers would have caught up to me. Not the least awkward situation one could find themselves in, but... eventually made it to my first Stroll "fashionably late." I found myself in the second chapter of said oxymoron: sitting during the Stroll.

Not only did the full 'poultry poetry' reading turn out completely enjoyable and harboured my own personal open-mic success, but I got to experience the Double, Oxymoron.

And I just had to wonder... what does it mean?

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