Saturday, September 18

Chickens & Cinnamon Buns

After preparing four dozen cinnamon buns to donate to a fundraiser tomorrow I felt compelled to work on some poetry for a cool new group I've found out about called The Stroll of Poets. The kick-off to the new season is on Monday so I need to prepare. This year's theme is fowl: a Poultry Fest! (get it?! Poultry/Poetry?...)

If there is only one way to my heart it through fresh-baked, sugary goodness. If there is a second way it is with dry, witty, pun-based humour. So basically... I've successfully seduced myself.

Since I can't share the baking through blog-land I will share a bit of my 1 minute poem:
'Chicken Scratch (in 4 parts)'

...part 3 - Feather Brained

Impossible dreams to soar the sky
intensified study to fully fly
just drifts by...
as chicken concentration fails
its brief attention span derailed.
No more hope of convocation
from the flight-school revelation.

(parts 1, 2 & 4 unposted, at least until after the Sept 20th "performance")

So what 'part of the chicken' would you pick?

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