Tuesday, August 31

Philosophy of Poe-a-Tweets

I Tweet therefore I Am...tweeting.

My current, ongoing Creative Challenge: Poe-a-Tweets. The philosophical re-cap is this- sometimes the confines or restrictions you face (i.e. 140 characters) force you to simply acknowledge THE most important things. I have been sending out these itty bitty poetic reflections to the ether of The Internet(/webs) to make reflection habitual and to practice my search for wonder (which can come in small or surprise forms). If you're interested here's Week 4 of my Poe-a-Tweets:

Aug 25: stuffing gratitude in envelopes/planting electronic seeds/always left to wonder/what might grow

Aug 26: Ode to an empty inbox:/am I dreaming?/No?/Thank God!

Aug 27: #superman /keep your x-Ray vision/keep your spandex too/give me stories of the world/and why you want to save it

Aug 28: Hail: local harvest withstanding the storm/determined farmers never in bad form/Vouyer of a Market Dance/behind a teacup warm

Aug 29: wild apple/silent apple/take this reason/make it a cause./Each apple/tiny apple/dress up in cinnamon/make me a sauce

Aug 30: close watch/closer/than raindrops/to the window/anticipation blooms/spatter patterns/on the glass/appear transparent

Aug 31: sidewalk rainbow/stuck to my shoe/marvelled at its strange debut./now I'm shoeless/feet are bare/& the rainbow is still there

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