Tuesday, August 10

Poe-A-Tweets (part deux)

Here are the Poe-A-Tweets as promised as per last week's blog entry on Tourist Candy. One week down, three to go!

Aug 3: Raspberried soles/tracing province-crossing pavement/imagination so colour saturated/slate grey skies weep/golden canola tears

Aug 4: skin bronzed, head spinning/potential death by inbox suffocation/no match/for supernatural "short work week" sorcery

Aug 5:
Unscheduled dreams/between overflowing hours/heaping haunting hounding/holding them at bay/with an ocean of silence

Aug 6:
from home to home/ and back in time/ old friends new places/ and did someone just say Furby?

Aug 7: baseball diamonds on wedding rings/the white heels covered in red shale/gloves and loves united

Aug 8: short cut's chaos/& I'm furious/long road's splendor/& I'm curious/each day a pace that's pleasant?/escaping to the present

Aug 9: learning to Be/observant/curious./ lessons from petunia pots/5 year-olds./do nothing to Be./ Being human being.

Aug 10: pink polished nails/caked with dirt/iced with grass stains/escaped committment/gardening under false pretenses

(note: commonly the backslash is used to seperate lines in poetry when it is not possible to use the original, intended formatting. I utilize that technique here.)

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