Tuesday, August 24

The Poe-a-tweet Endures

WEEK 3- just poe-a-tweeting before 8AM...as I wait for a morning yoga class

Aug 18: vacant picture frames/paraded down busy streets/keeping a clean slate/for pictures of Intuition/photos of Happenstance

Aug 19: downtown glows in my eyes/to the cause I'm not wise/enduring smoke-haze surprise/but I don't despise/as the sun it still tries

Aug 20: perfect laundry/imagination combined/the magic effortlessness of the dry clean/plus the scent/comforting bliss/a la warm dryer.

Aug 21: ur words r my fodder/so r mine too/process of poeting?/is something I do/lexicon tickling/wit can't entreat/what a feat

Aug 22: before today began/I held a moment in my hand/let morning light dance in my brain/to nurture thoughts I haven't named

Aug 23: apples ideas and high heels/characterize a day/fueling/feeding/fusing/leaving only cores/bringing further insight/and blisters.

Aug 24: apricot mountain/in the moonlight/singing Indie pop love tunes/in the moonlight/glitter the glory of headlight parades

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